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Jazz up your jewelry display for the season

Jazz up your jewelry display for the season

Jewelry stores seemingly have it pretty easy when it comes to window displays – none of your merchandise needs to be ironed or fit correctly, and it can pretty much hold its own without additional display fixtures because it's so beautiful already.

However, when it comes to the holidays, it may be in your best interest as a jeweler to jazz up your window displays. You already know that this is a holiday tradition in retail stores, and your sparkling selection of items is no different. Even the most Scrooge-like customers expect to see a festive display in store windows, so you should plan to have at least one holiday theme. Here are some options to choose from.

Decking the halls with gold, red and green
If you are looking for a relatively easy window display idea for the holidays and want to show off your precious gems and gold jewelry, consider a "deck the halls" theme in your window. Collect some of your best-selling gold jewelry and display it on elegant velvet display fixtures, and accent these pieces with a few red and green gems. Then, adorn the space with a green garland or small Christmas tree and a handful of Christmas bulb ornaments. You can arrange the ornaments throughout the display as a pop of color next to the jewels.

A sparkling silver snow scene
Silver, platinum, diamonds and cubic zirconium are the perfect materials with which to make a sparkling snow scene. Lay down some faux snow on the base of your store window, and arrange the matching jewels throughout. The background wall display could be an image of a snowy scene or signage.

You can also use fishing line to hang sparkling decorations, like glittering snowflakes, that will accent the jewels you have selected to be part of the display. Stars and snowflakes work well together and play up your most sparkly merchandise.

Appealing to the romantic
As much as the holidays are a time of family togetherness, they are also a highly romantic time for many people. As a jewelry store, you understand that jewelry is often the gift of choice for couples, so directing your window displays at them could be an effective move.

Whether you sell engagement rings or not, you can appeal to the romantic in your shopper by using romantic imagery or creating an "under the mistletoe" theme. Hang mistletoe in your store window and place your selection of engagement rings or other holiday specialties underneath it. Adding signage to this display will be sure to appeal to lovebirds passing by.