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Jazz up jewelry boxes with wild designs

Jazz up jewelry boxes with wild designs

As shoppers begin to look around for their next great jewelry pieces, you’ll want to make sure your store fixtures and displays reflect the top trends. One of the easiest ways to do this is to revamp how you package the jewelry to better show off the spirited nature of your boutique. By wrapping the pieces in a box decorated with an animal print, such as a zebra jewelry box, you can leave customers with memorable packaging that matches the overall fun nature of a retail space.

Purchasing bulk retail supplies relating to jewelry can save both time and money. For one, jewelry items never go out of style, so there are plenty of opportunities to pass on the boxes to customers. As animal prints are almost always relevant, it’s easy to continue using the tools throughout the year. Whether you want to package earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces or any other kind of jewelry, these zebra or leopard boxes can be a top retail option.

Want something that can still protect jewelry or other small products? Consider things like a leopard pouch, which is ideal for storing baubles, necklaces or similar adornments. A pouch also adds another layer of cushioning and protection, which may make it ideal for more fragile items.

Not only can these animal-print boxes and pouches serve a practical purpose, but they can also act as a constant reminder to customers of your store. One look at these boxes or patterns can remind shoppers of their purchase and store experience long after a visit. With supplies like zebra jewelry boxes that are so eye-catching, they may even keep the tools around – leaving them with a token of your store.