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January window displays: Shopping in a winter wonderland

January window displays: Shopping in a winter wonderland

The holidays have passed but winter is far from over. While red and green store displays are out of season, there are several design themes you can use to entice passersby in January.

When people consider winter, it likely conjures thoughts of snowy days and cozy evenings. There’s natural beauty all around, from snowflakes landing at your feet to frost-laden tree branches framing the sky.

As you rearrange display fixtures this month, channel the spirit of Old Man Winter through a heart-warming display with a chilly theme.

Outdoor oasis
One direction to take with January’s display is a snowy scene in the open air. To start, make the floor look like there’s been fresh snowfall, whether you do so with white vinyl display sheeting, fabric, packing peanuts or cotton balls. Bring an element of nature to the design with branches from white birch trees, which you can arrange in neat stacks like bonfires or lean against the back wall to create a small forest.

You may want to add a sled and a child mannequin to your frozen landscape to give it a bit of life. If you sell cold-weather apparel, this provides you with the perfect opportunity to showcase some of your seasonal merchandise. A collection of paper snowflakes will take the window display to a whole new level, as a range of sizes allows you to create the illusion of depth.

Indoor idyll
Another winter display focuses on the warmth and comfort of relaxing by the fire when it’s cold and blustery outside. Use white paint to draw frost and icicles around the edges of the window so from the customers’ perspective, it’s like they’re looking in on the scene. Depending on the materials you have at your disposal, create a fireplace of sorts in the background. You can craft the prop using cardboard, plywood or even Styrofoam. Pick up a small package of firewood to arrange in front of it and you’re golden.

Consider using mannequins to portray a group of friends or family enjoying one another’s company. Window displays are a great place to present your more enticing products, whether it’s furniture for the mannequins to sit on or books propped in their hands. LED string lights will bring even more festivity to the display, even if you simply lay them across the floor in front of the glass to create ambiance.