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It’s time to get creative with mannequins

It’s time to get creative with mannequins

Adult and child mannequins are some of the most effective marketing tools for apparel merchants. They allow customers to envision themselves in the trendiest outfits a store has available. However, like all store fixtures, mannequins that have been used for too long can become a bit ho-hum. If you think the figures in your store have gotten a bit stale, here are some ways you can spice them up.

Start a new chapter
If the issue with your mannequins is that they are chipped or broken, your best option is to order new ones. You don’t have to break the bank to do this – mannequins for sale are easy to come by and can help you save big on quality forms. If you know that your previous mannequins were inspiring customers before they fell into dilapidation, then you should probably order similar figures when you revive your stock. However, you can try branching out by purchasing an alternative to the full-bodied mannequin. For example, some retailers prefer the vintage look of forms, which resemble the mannequins used by tailors. Those who deal in hair products and accessories can consider stocking up on hair mannequins to best display their wares.

Spruce up what you’ve already got
If your current mannequins are still in good shape but are no longer exciting customers, then it may be time to get creative with what you’ve already got on your store floor. For example, you could paint your mannequins exciting colors to give them a unique look. You may also want to consider mannequin decals – stickers that allow you to spruce up your forms with designs, pouty lips or even silly mustaches. Decals make it easy to assign a gender to your mannequins, which could spur more sales among both male and female shoppers.

Consider the live option
It may sound strange, but some stores employ real, live people to showcase their clothing. For example, lululemon retailers often hire young women to stand in their store windows and do yoga poses while wearing some of their apparel. Live models may not be the best choice for every shop, but they certainly can be an eye-catching addition to your storefront. If you do choose to hire a few real-life mannequins, you should maximize their reach by having them in your window only during high-traffic times.