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It’s time to create your back-to-school window displays

It’s time to create your back-to-school window displays

August is just around the corner, which means students only have about a month left before summer break comes to an end. Since next month is traditionally the kickoff of back-to-school shopping season, it's time to plan a window display around this theme. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Children's fashion
Apparel retailers stand to make quite a bit of revenue this time of year, as parents like to send their youngsters off to school in style. You can play on this idea by creating a "fashion show" for children's clothing in your window. Sparkling ribbon or metallic tissue paper will make a dazzling backdrop for your child mannequins. Of course these figures should be dressed in the cutest back-to-school gear. For boys, this traditionally means khaki shorts or nice jeans and a collared t-shirt. Girls may want to wear a nice new dress paired with a classy but casual denim jacket. Pay attention to the youngsters in your town to get some more ideas of what might be popular.

Once you have the mannequins dressed, place them in your window display as though they were striking a pose for the camera. If you have the capabilities, use dramatic lighting to make it look like they're on stage.

The final countdown
Call up the local school in your town and find out exactly what date classes resume. Then, using a few store signs, create a calendar or clock that counts down the days until summer break is over. You can have your employees change the sign daily so that it stays up to date.

You'll also want to continuously update the items you display with this theme. Try using several different display tables and wall displays to give your showcase a few different dimensions. The countdown clock will remind shoppers that time is running out, and the cycling products will demonstrate that you have everything shoppers need to get ready for a new school year. This theme works particularly well if you plan on running a back-to-school sale, as the clock will also be counting down the days until your prices are no longer marked down.

A collegiate affair
While parents of elementary and middle school students will be busy buying book bags, pencils and notebooks, moms and dads of college-age students will be spending a lot more on bigger ticket items. If your shop is located near a college or university, then you can capitalize on this idea by displaying items that college students need.

Try creating a mock dorm room in your front window. Place two single beds side by side, a couple desks and chairs and maybe a dresser or two. Pull open the drawers of those dressers to display some of the clothing you have on sale, and stack the desks with various items like laptops, stereo systems or televisions. Don't forget the artwork – posters, paintings and other decorative items are must-haves for young adults moving into the dorms.

Store signs and banners that welcome students to the college nearby will also get you attention. For a special touch, take two mannequins and dress them in the colors of the local university. If you have sweatshirts, hats or t-shirts that feature the university logo, then you'll definitely want these front and center. This will feed into your shoppers' school spirit and encourage them to pay your store a visit to see what else you might have that suits their fancy.