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It’s time to create a Fourth of July window display

It’s time to create a Fourth of July window display

With June coming to an end, it’s time for retailers to think ahead to the next big holiday – July Fourth. This is a big event every year, as most employees get the day off, and people spend the holiday participating in BBQs with friends and family. Whether you sell home goods or apparel, you’ll benefit from reaching out to celebrants by creating an Independence Day display in your front window. Here are some ideas to help get you started:

You’re the red, white and blue
July Fourth is all about patriotism, and what better way to show your love of our country than to display American’s signature colors in your window display? Go through your store and search out all items that are predominately red, white or blue. Place them on display tables in your window. If you sell lots of accessories, you can create a fun backdrop by arranging red, white and blue items on a wall display in the shape of a flag.

Mimic the BBQ
If you know barbecues are popular in your town, you can create a fun BBQ scene in your store windows. Use adult and child mannequins to display the apparel you sell, and arrange them in the window so it looks like they’re chatting or playing an outdoor game like Frisbee or bocce ball. Blue and green tissue paper or wholesale ribbon can create a sunny sky and a lush backyard for this setup. Lastly, you’ll want to have a grill in the window, with one mannequin in a chef’s hat nearby. For extra fun, host an in-store BBQ to go along with the window display. You can serve lemonade and cookies if you’re in a mall, or if you have the outdoor space, fire up a grill and offer shoppers hot dogs and hamburgers.

Honor American history
There are so many great tales from American history, and July Fourth is the perfect opportunity to reflect them in your store window. You can easily do this by creating a backdrop collage of an important historical event out of pictures you print off the Internet or find in magazines. Next, stock your display cases with items that reflect this moment. For example, you may want a front window that honors Betsy Ross, who is credited with sewing the first American flag. After finding some pictures to represent this event, place out your sewing kits, yarn and sewing machines to drive the motif home.