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It’s a wrap: Packaging oddly-shaped gifts

It’s a wrap: Packaging oddly-shaped gifts

It would be ideal if every present you found fit perfectly into a box that could be neatly wrapped in paper, tied with a ribbon, topped with a bow and – voila – ready for placement under the tree. The reality, however, is that certain items, due to shape, size or material, are particularly challenging to package. For objects of any dimension and design, try these tips for simpler present preparation:

Pop it in a bag
Gift bags should be your go-to for holiday gifts with shapes that aren’t conducive to boxes. Versatile and diverse, bags come in a wide range of sizes and designs that can complement whatever tone you’re trying to express. Want a look that’s sophisticated and chic? Look for a solid shade bag in a glossy hue, and line it with patterned tissue like the Neapolitan dots paper. Then grab a piece of wholesale ribbon and tie the top closed. For added appeal, carefully pull the ribbon along the sharp edge of a pair of scissors to create delicate curls. By mixing and matching tissue paper and bagging, your options are endless. Want to impress friends with your fashionable packaging? Try out the jewel-encrusted tissue for a glamorous effect that will have people wowed even before the gifts are opened.

Dress it up with accessories
For particularly large or cumbersome gifts, skipping all-over wrap might be your best bet. You won’t be fooling anyone by wrapping decorative paper around a bicycle, and that bowling ball is more likely to fall through even a sturdy gift bag. Instead of traditional packaging, choose to celebrate with accessories. Bows and ribbons are perfect for this purpose, as they come in a wide range of styles and patterns, and can quickly attach to any gift. Now you just have to find somewhere to hide the present until the big day.