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Items to complement a headband display

Items to complement a headband display

If you’ve added headbands – one of this season’s hottest accessories – to your inventory, you likely want to set up a stylish store display to showcase the items. You can opt for a number of techniques when doing so, emphasizing both the headbands themselves as well as related merchandise.

Vertical appeal
One of the most popular angles for showing off headbands comes from using wall displays. Utilizing vertical space is not only efficient, but it also puts products at customers’ eye line, making them more likely to be noticed. If you’d like to go with a wall-mounted display, begin by selecting a platform for adhering them to the surface. You might utilize a gridwall or slatted panel, for example, which can be outfitted with shelving for setting the headbands on.

Alternately, item-specific pieces, such as headband displays, offer a model that helps hold and show off the shape of the accessories, whether hard or soft. These structures also help ensure that decorative accents like bows and embellishment don’t get tangled or flattened. If you’re looking for something a bit more unique, consider the acrylic headband display. Such pieces connect to a gridwall and include decorative papering that gives the piece a custom, artistic feel.

Of course, if you’ve got a larger number of headbands for sale, it might be best to opt for a bulk fixture, such as dump containers. A three-tiered option in particular can help you show off multiple styles while still maximizing efficiency. If you have a particularly ornate item, on the other hand, you might want to accentuate it on its own using mannequins, single-item stands or even hooks.

Matching merchandise
While headbands are a fantastic focal point on their own, why not take advantage of the opportunity to show off some corresponding merchandise? You might want to highlight additional accessories, such as jewelry or other headwear. A variety of millinery fixtures, for instance, do a great job of emphasizing hats.

Keep in mind that how you advertise these other pieces sets the tone for your whole display. For instance, if you want a light, youthful appeal, you might opt for a child mannequin from the C3 Custom Color Collection. On the other hand, make a sophisticated statement with premium black velvet displays, such as square risers and necklace displays. For a boutique feel, there are teak risers and metal displays with creatively crafted curls, and hats can be artfully hung on a wide range of racks and forms.