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Is your store prepared for graduation season?

Is your store prepared for graduation season?

You may be focusing your marketing efforts on prom or the arrival of spring, but there’s another opportunity for retailers that only comes about this time of year – graduation season. Both high school and college students will be marching across the stage to accept their diplomas, and you must be ready to cater to their family and friends who want to give gifts to mark this major achievement. Here are a few things to consider as the Pomp and Circumstance begins to play:

For high schoolers
Graduating from high school is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and thus it’s important to give gifts to seniors who are taking this step. For many, this is a time to look forward to the upcoming college years. You may be able to capitalize on this by purchasing a few mannequins for sale and dressing them up in gear from nearby colleges. Hats, sweatshirts, shorts and accessories with local universities’ insignia will likely be big sellers.

Keep in mind that seniors graduating from high school will have one more summer to spend with friends and family before they ship off. Showcasing fun summer items like bathing suits, beach toys and trendy warm-weather clothes will definitely help you edge out the competition, so be sure to stock these items on your clothing racks and wall displays.

For college students
Recently matriculated college students may feel overwhelmed by the road ahead of them, and often, gift-givers are looking to alleviate some of these anxieties. You can expect your shoppers to be looking for items that students might need now that they’re in the “real world.” Home goods merchants stand to gain here – consider offering discounts on products like furniture, kitchenware and other items that young people might need for their first off-campus apartment.

Technology retailers can also take advantage of graduation season. College students likely have worn their computers and smart phones into the ground while studying over the years, so a new laptop or mobile device could be just what graduating college seniors need. You can place a few of your top-selling items on display tables in your front window, and pepper the setup with graduation hats to remind shoppers that you have what they need to honor their proud graduates.

Remember, college and high school graduations begin in early May, so now is the time to plan out your marketing techniques!