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Is your store adequately lit?

Is your store adequately lit?

It might not have previously occurred to you that the way your store is lit can affect how customers interact with the space and ultimately make purchasing decisions. Perhaps you haven’t replaced store fixtures that were already in place when you took the location over or you are just looking to improve your store’s atmosphere.

On the most basic lighting level, customers must be able to see what’s for sale and maneuver around the space safely. Beyond that, different styles of lighting can highlight special items or become part of the brand image. There are several types of light bulbs and lamps that you can incorporate into your store, from inexpensive incandescent lights that give off heat to LED bulbs, which cost more, but last longer overall, according to Facility Source. It may be helpful to compare various kinds of bulbs before purchasing fixtures.

What is your budget?
Before you can set out to find the best lights for your store, you must figure out how much you can spend on the new fixtures. When considering a lighting arrangement that will fit the budget, there are several factors to pay attention to. The cost of lighting doesn’t simply include the hardware.

Facility Source recommended thinking about how much installation will cost, either how much you’ll have to pay a handyman or in the time installing the lights yourself will take. You should also understand how much electricity the fixtures will use, how sustainable the technology is, the lifespan of the appropriate bulbs and how the air temperature will be affected by the change in lighting. Another detail to take into consideration is the manufacturer’s warranty on any new lighting hardware you buy.

However, it could also benefit you to compare the cost of new lighting fixtures to the potential increase in sales that may result from having a well-lit store, according to Facility Source. If customers can see your merchandise better or it’s simply presented in more flattering light, they may be more inclined to make purchases.

What do you want to convey?
When you’re perusing lighting fixtures for your store, think about the mood you want to evoke. Is there any implication of an emotion in your mission statement, brand colors or a holiday arrangement that would fit the space? For mysterious and moody lighting, there should be enough visibility that customers can read price tags and sizes. Clear rope lighting can project just enough brightness for the vibe you’re looking for.

Another detail to consider is the rest of your store’s technology, according to Facility Source. Lighting with a modern design may look out of place in a shop that’s decorated with antiques. In that case, an option like Rose Leaf Lights would fit well with the overall atmosphere.

Spotlights can be used two different ways to give special attention to an item – angled down from a high point or directed upward from the floor. You may want to double-check that lights from below won’t be shining in anyone’s eyes while they browse. Additionally, if you’re using the lights on a shelving fixture, be sure they won’t fade the colors of whatever merchandise you have underneath and that the bulbs don’t get hot enough to burn a customer.

Consider how you want customers to move through the space. Should the setup encourage free roaming around islands of merchandise or follow a well-lit path through the store? Do you prefer a shop that’s evenly lit throughout or a few highlighted sections?

If you are thinking about using a tinted light to cast a slight hue on your merchandise, Facility Source suggested going with LEDs. According to the source, they require only an adjustment to change the color, while halogen lights need a filter to do the same.