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Is your shop ready for Valentine’s Day?

Is your shop ready for Valentine’s Day?

Just when you thought that you were finished with store decorations for the holiday season, another event is on the horizon. This time, it’s Valentine’s Day – a celebration that you won’t want to overlook in your shop.

The holiday as we know it today is commemorated with symbols of affection and tokens such as chocolate, flowers and cards. Its origins, however, paint a slightly less light-hearted picture. According to National Public Radio, Valentine’s Day began in ancient Rome, and – contrary to today’s single-day affair – spanned from Feb. 13 to 15. The feast was celebrated with sacrifices and a matchmaking lottery. Over the years, the event evolved to include the traditions we practice today, which take on a somewhat more romantic appeal.

As you begin modifying your design efforts to reflect the spirit of Valentine’s Day, there are a few tried-and-true ways to share in the season. First, as everyone knows, the holiday’s colors are various shades of red, pink and white. Of course, this doesn’t mean you have to repaint your space. Garlands and strand lighting are among the easiest way to decorate because they’re versatile, eye-catching and match with virtually any store fixtures. Installation can be as simple as wrapping the lights around an existing window display or hanging them over a doorway or along the checkout counter.

You might also want to look for little accents that have a whimsical, romantic appeal. Boutique items are particularly fitting for creating this effect. A countertop stand, for instance, can perfectly accentuate smaller holiday gifts and ornamental baubles. Don’t forget to offer your guests a little treat on the big day as well. Pick up a stylish display dish and fill it with a few chocolates that they can enjoy while checking out.