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Is your mannequin collection up to par?

Is your mannequin collection up to par?

The warming weather will mean increased foot traffic around your store, so your store displays have to be ready to impress anybody walking by. One of the most effective ways to get the attention of passersby is to set up captivating displays in your windows. Mannequins are an excellent method for demonstrating the apparel you’re offering while leaving room for a bit of creativity. With spring in full bloom, you need to make sure your army of models is ready for the increased demand your store will experience.

Let them help raise awareness
Mannequins are very versatile, and you can use them for virtually any event or promotion with enough imagination. It’s likely that most of your competitors will be holding seasonal sales to help lure customers in as they search for new outfits for spring. Many shoppers will be planning ahead and stocking up on all the clothes and accessories they’ll need for their summer activities. Mannequins provide a dynamic outlet you can use to display almost anything and can easily be incorporated into any shop themes.

You can use mannequins to display sale items or for the newest trends.  A wide selection of models lets you pick any position or stance you can think of, opening the door for all kinds of scenes and poses they can be set up in. These figures don’t always have to be the pinnacle of a display either and can help accentuate messages you’re trying to get across. Instead of focusing on the clothes they’re wearing, the mannequins can act as advertisements holding signs for events or even be dressed up as characters that exemplify whatever holiday or promotion is going on.

Mannequins have an advantage over display tables and store fixtures because of the multi-dimensional depth they have that allows customers to better absorb whatever’s going on around them. They’re not flat against a wall or sitting on a table, but provide a 360-degree view of whatever point you’re trying to deliver. This permits shoppers to see your models from every angle, giving them a much more complete perception of the inventory being showcased.

Flushing out your collection
There’s no real limit to the amount of mannequins your store can have other than how many you can can fit. To have a group of models that can be adapted to all kinds of situations, there has to be variety. Not all of the mannequins have to be complete either. There are choices available that only focus on the upper or lower portions of the body as well, which can aid in sales for specific items such as blazers or pants.

With summer approaching, it might be a good time to add a child mannequin or two to your collection before vacation frees kids from school yards around the country. This could also prepare your store for any sales focusing on kids’ clothes before they start their break or even for future back-to-school deals.

If the mannequins and jersey forms you already own are starting to show signs of age and wear, there are ways to make them seem like new again. Form covers are a great way to give older figures a fresh breath of life or even just change their appearance up every now and then.

When preparing your collection of models for this season, think about features that you will be able to use again in the future. If you choose to keep your set of mannequins small, you can still have diversity to fit multiple needs in your store. Regardless of the amount of figures you have, make sure they’re ready to be put in the spotlight this spring for everyone who’ll be outside enjoying the warm temperatures.