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Is your cash wrap ready for the holidays?

Is your cash wrap ready for the holidays?

You have your plans for every display table in the store, your window display is in the works and all of your holiday merchandise is ordered. Your store may be ready for the slew of holiday shoppers you are going to get this year, but is your cash wrap?

The cash register is going to be a busy place during the holiday season, as hordes of shoppers line up to check off the gifts for everyone on their lists. For this reason, it's crucial to be festive, prepared and organized.

If you are gift wrapping, you probably already have wholesale ribbon, wrapping paper and boxes, but it's a good idea to stock up on some of these supplies even if you don't gift wrap. Many customers may be rushing to a holiday party or other event and simply need to make their purchase look presentable. These shoppers will be thrilled if you can offer them some festive tissue or a ribbon for their quick gift.

The cash wrap is also a place to continue any themes you started at the window and create a cohesive shopping experience for your clientele. Having festive tissue paper, bags and gift card boxes is an excellent way to spread the holiday cheer and help your customer remember you long after they have left the store.

Finally, it is crucial to stay organized behind the cash wrap. This fall, clean everything and re-organize papers, folders, pens, bags, tissue and anything else you have back there. The cash wrap should be clean, organized and ready for periods of high traffic. Make the items you need for every sale accessible so employees can grab them quickly without creating a mess.