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Invoke the spirit of winter in your window displays this year

Invoke the spirit of winter in your window displays this year

Though fall may just be beginning, retail owners should be preparing to decorate for the winter season. Modern customers no longer wait until after Thanksgiving to get into the "holiday shopping mood." You can take advantage of these early-bird winter shoppers by starting your wintery displays sooner in the season. Here are a few ideas to help get you started.

Make your storefront a winter wonderland
Nothing says winter like snow, so why not turn your display window into a winter wonderland of your own? There are many ways you can show off your best items with this theme. Start by covering the floor of your display window with white cotton or shiny wholesale ribbon. Once you have a base layer of snow, add in some greenery – holly or evergreen branches work best. Next, you'll need to put characters in this scene. Clothing stores can pick up some mannequins for sale and dress them in winter gear. Shoe retailers can display two sets of boots walking side by side through the winter scene. Hanging white or shining accessories or jewelry can also help make it look like snow is falling.

Display warmth to make your shoppers feel cozy
On the other end of the spectrum is a warm and cozy winter scene. When shoppers are out patrolling for holiday gifts, they'll often enter a store simply because it looks warm and inviting. You can take advantage of this by showcasing the coziness and comfort your store offers right in your display window. Set up a family of adult and child mannequins in sweaters or bath robes. You can place a drawing or cardboard recreation of a fireplace in the back of your store window. Use mugs to display smaller items like jewelry or pens and pencils.

Create a workshop for your wares
Let your customers know you're getting ready for the holidays by setting up a Christmas-themed workshop in your storefront. This theme works particularly well for shoe stores, since creating an elvish cobbler's station is simple. But any store can create this theme simply by putting their items on a pair of display tables. Use child mannequins in festive gear to suggest that elves are at your stores, working to create your goods. At the end of the work station, place a few items in seasonal wholesale shopping bags to show that your store is a great place to find gifts.