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Introducing Firefly’s new Graphic Transfer Collection

Introducing Firefly’s new Graphic Transfer Collection

Boring merchandising displays should be a thing of the past. With all the amazing mannequins, display cases and store fixtures available, there’s really no excuse for arranging your merchandise in yawn-worthy ways.

In our mission to bring retailers new and innovative ways to entice customers, Firefly is happy to introduce our new Graphic Transfer Collection. With these groundbreaking products, we’ll help you bring the wow-factor into your store and banish boring for good!

Spice up your displays with eye-catching graphics
With all the cool patterns that exist in the retail world, why are mannequins and store fixtures always so plain? There are custom color options, but for the most part, displays are made up of solid-color fixtures. Where’s the fun in that?

“Decorate your store fixtures with graphic prints.”

We decided to fix this problem with our new Graphic Transfer Collection. Now you can decorate your business with fixtures covered in graphic prints that embody the vibe of your store. Whether you decide to go with a rustic wood grain, outdoorsy camouflage, delicate florals or feisty animal print, the graphic pattern that adorns your mannequins and racks is sure to catch the attention of your customers and set your store apart from competitors.

Best of all, the Graphic Transfer Collection boasts the same great features that you expect from Firefly products. The finishes are extremely durable and scratch-resistant, so they’re perfect for use in a busy store. There are no minimum orders for this collection, so you can order one piece or a dozen – whatever works for you and your business.

5 ways to leverage the Graphic Transfer Collection
Need some inspiration on how to incorporate these new products into your store? Here are five fun ways to use Graphic Transfer pieces in your store.

1. Attract teens to your back-to-school gear
It’s time to start thinking about your back-to-school displays, and there’s no better way to catch the eye of teens than with a few animal print fixtures. The collection includes both zebra and cheetah prints, so why not order a few graphic mannequins to adorn with your store’s back-to-school fashions? Deck your dress forms out in chic denim, cheeky graphic tees and unique backpacks. This type of display is sure to catch the eye of any teen who’s looking for that perfect first-day outfit.

2. Create a special art-inspired display
If your target market is fine-art aficionados, consider putting together an art-inspired merchandising theme for your store. The Graphic Transfer Collection’s floral prints would pair perfectly with a faux Monet on the wall and some painting props. You can dress up your custom mannequin in the perfect outfit for a museum visit, or use a rack to hang your best floral garments.

Camouflage mannequins are perfect for hunting attire.

3. Show off your outdoor attire
Do you cater to a more outdoorsy crowd? Camouflage mannequins are perfect for displaying any hunting or fishing gear that your store carries. Drape a brightly colored outdoor vest over your custom dress form and pose it in the store window. Your unique display is sure to catch the eye of any outdoorsman – or woman!

4. Bring interest to regular racks
Your regular round, 2-way and 4-way racks get the job done, but they probably don’t add much visual interest to your store. You can solve this problem by investing in a few Graphic Transfer display pieces. Even when they’re covered with merchandise, the pattern that peeks out from underneath will draw in curious shoppers.

5. Solidify your brand image
Every retailer knows the importance of having consistent messaging for their brand. Well, Graphic Transfer mannequins are just one more way that you can solidify the image that your store projects. Whether you aim for a flirty, rustic, edgy or classic vibe, there are patterned products that will help you take your brand to the next level.