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Installing security measures in your store

Installing security measures in your store

When it comes to keeping merchandise safe, it would be wonderful to assume that all everyone coming in the door has only honest intentions. While this may be true of the majority of customers, research has proven that theft and damages at retail shops results in billions of dollars in losses each year. With this in mind, store owners should consider implementing a variety of security measures to ensure that their merchandise is safe from anyone looking to take advantage of the quality products they have to offer. Here are a few options to consider when outfitting a retail space:

Reconsider self-checkout
For larger retailers, self-checkout lanes can save time and reduce the number of staff members needed to help customers with simple transactions. Unfortunately, some people do take advantage of this opportunity. Retail Week recently reported that more than $2 billion in groceries were stolen via self-checkout services in British supermarkets last year. Although some reasons shoplifters cited for stealing were more nefarious than others, a number of patrons said they walked away with unpaid items because they simply had issues with self-scanning systems. Retailers could prevent theft at self-checkout by ensuring that the stations, if not individually staffed, are still managed by a customer service representative who can assist in tricky transactions and keep an eye out for anyone attempting to get around paying entirely.

Crowd control during busy seasons
It’s only logical that the more traffic a store faces, the higher the likelihood that something will go missing. For these reasons, it’s important that retailers optimize security measures for larger groups and keep an eye on their merchandise. An item that store owners might not think of in terms of preventing theft is crowd control barriers. When implemented near checkout, barriers and temporary railings help use space efficiently, but they can also assist in mitigating loss. A clearly defined path to the register makes it more obvious if a patron is trying to walk away with something without paying. To increase effectiveness, it can be helpful to station a staff member of security guard near the door, in clear sight of the checkout line. This person can better identify someone leaving the checkout area with purchased goods as compared to someone trying to go straight out the door with their items.

Everyday security
Of course, even during regular shopping seasons, it’s important to take security measures. In larger spaces, it can be challenging to have eyes and ears everywhere to prevent shoplifting. Fortunately, store fixtures like security mirrors can help offer a more thorough vantage point. The rounded surfaces allow visuals around corners and offer a wider panorama in general. For high-cost items, it can be helpful to use protector chains that allow customers to browse without taking merchandise too far from the rack. If you have lower traffic but want to be alerted about patrons’ comings and goings, consider a visitor chime, which will let you know as soon as someone enters the door.

Sometimes the idea of security is just as effective as the real deal. What does that mean? According to Yahoo!, stores that implement dummy security cameras – cameras that look like the real deal but are actually just wall-mounted models – can be just as advantageous in preventing crime. Potential thieves who see the item may think twice about shoplifting, which saves the store owner money on both stolen merchandise and the price of fully equipped security cameras. Ultimately, spending a little bit now can be well worth the price throughout the season.