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Inspiring enthusiasm in your customers

Inspiring enthusiasm in your customers

You may have a steady stream of customers coming in your store, but if they aren’t enthusiastic about the items lining your gondola shelves and wall displays, then you likely won’t see much revenue. Inspiring enthusiasm can be a challenge, but certain steps you take will definitely make a difference.

An enthusiastic work force
If your employees are standing glumly behind the register or half-heartedly reorganizing your display tables, you’re going to have a hard time convincing shoppers that your retail space is something to be excited about. Find a way to get your staff amped up. This may be as simple as offering incentives such as extra vacation time or a bonus to those who show enthusiasm, or you may want to start provide daily perks, like an employee discount.

Don’t skip the details
You may have excellent products at your shop, but if they’re not displayed well, you won’t see them flying off the shelves. The store fixtures you purchase play a major role in the appeal of your store, so consider giving some of your display cases, adult and child mannequins, or clothing racks an update.

Monitor your social media
Social media is more than just a tool to communicate with customers – it’s also a way to gauge how your shoppers are feeling. Keep an eye on Tweets and Facebook posts that mention your store to see if you can determine why your customers may be dissatisfied or less than enthused about your shop. Of course, another great way to encourage excitement among shoppers is to regularly reach out to them via social media.

Let your hair down
Perhaps customers don’t feel enthusiastic at your store because the atmosphere is a bit too stuffy. This can easily be overcome by hosting a few fun events or promotions in your store. Consider throwing an in-store party complete with refreshments and plenty of great discounts.

Don’t be stingy
Customers love free items, so it’s worth spending a little extra to offer some tokens for your shoppers. A gift with purchase can go a long way, so consider wrapping up a few small trinkets in sinamay bags, which you can then distribute to shoppers who spend a certain amount of money. Free gift wrap is also a great way to show your customers that you value their patronage.