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Inject creativity into your displays

Inject creativity into your displays

An important aspect of running a successful shop is creating a space that is unique and unlike any other your customers have been to. This may seem difficult to achieve, but with a few simple changes, your store will be well on its way to more foot traffic.

A great way to help shoppers differentiate your store from a similar shop is to get creative with your store fixtures. If you're looking to display the season's hottest sandals and footwear, you may want to start by finding unique shoe stands. Options that are a bit more stylish, like a vintage shoe stand with a swirl design, may prompt more customers to think your merchandise is higher end than another store's, even if you have the same shoes.

To add more fun to your space, you may also want to try displaying your store's shoes on a one-of-a-kind rack, or a display table that isn't necessarily meant for shoes. Stacking the season's hottest platforms and wedges on a metal 5-tier shelf along with pops of color from scarves or sun hats, may entice consumers and keep them guessing on what you'll do next.