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Incorporating wood and natural materials into displays

Incorporating wood and natural materials into displays

With the coming of spring slowly transforming the outdoors, this season will soon erupt with life. The animals will return and the plants will bloom, but most importantly, people will be emerging from their winter isolation. The last thing shoppers will want to see is anything that reminds them of the cold, especially when they’re out and about. Now’s the time to breath some new life into your store displays to harness the atmosphere outside and bring it into your shop.

Setting up natural designs
You don’t have to do anything too drastic to bring a little of the spring spirit into your theme. Incorporating some natural elements and materials into your display tables can make customers feel more in tune with the warming temperatures and all the changes they bring. Even if you just add some subtle alterations, they could go a long way. Selecting display fixtures made of wood can make shoppers feel like they didn’t walk into a building, but an extension of the nature outside.

Your larger displays can act as the inspiration for smaller ones, which provide a more well-rounded selection with jewelry and other accessories presented in a natural way. Wooden teak risers or hand-finished bowls offer the perfect chance to add a little timber to otherwise industrial-looking displays. These miniature displays will add a little variety to the styles already used without having to make any big changes or rearrangements.

Your shelves don’t have to be made up of only cold metal either. It doesn’t matter if they’re part of a wall display or some gondola shelving, you can replace the shelves with ones made from wood. These ledges have a reclaimed look to them so it will appear as if they’ve been a part of your shelves all along. Your products can benefit greatly by putting the items your customers are looking for in the setting they want to be in – one made from the elements outside.

Take a hint from what’s outside
One of the easiest ways to add natural materials to your displays is to bring those aspects directly inside. This allows much room for creativity where you can incorporate rocks and branches into your displays. Use these elements to create your own controlled environment to complement your products and other fixtures.

Plants and flowers are an excellent way to bring a dynamic sense of life to every corner of your store that will further your nature theme and will blend nicely with your other displays. You don’t have to convert your store into a forest, but a combination of plants, wood and stone will show your willingness to embrace the seasonal changes everyone have been waiting for.

If you want to make a bigger splash, you can replace your display tables with options made from wood. The excitement shoppers will have for the chance to finally get outside and walk around can follow them into your shop where you can direct it towards your inventory with natural displays.