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Incorporating the fabrics of fall into store displays

Incorporating the fabrics of fall into store displays

Crisp fall weather makes us reach for coats, scarves and blankets to keep out the chill we have been aching for all summer long. Bundling up for fall weather usually involves warm, cozy fabrics such as flannel, wool and fleece. Bringing those elements into your store displays can go a long way in adding an autumnal theme to your store.

Consider dressing up display tables inside your store with a plaid wool blanket to create a picnic theme. Be sure to include bushels of apples, pumpkins and other fall items typical of the bounty to evoke the harvest typical of fall. Choosing merchandise that may go along with these traditional and beloved fall activities – whether that means a puffy down vest, a festive leash for Fido or a bottle of sauvignon – will blend seamlessly into these themes.

Plaid and wool can be their own theme, too. Is your store stocking a wide variety of wool sweaters, skirts and pants this season? A wool theme for your clothing display is simple enough. Dress an adult and child mannequin in this cozy textile and see if you can also add items like a yarn spinner, knitting supplies or even a model sheep into the display. Evoking the process of how the wool products are made will create a charming, rustic look to your storefront.