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Incorporating materials in store displays: Wooden accents

Incorporating materials in store displays: Wooden accents

When retailers think about interior design, they often get caught up in a color scheme. Be it monochromatic, two-toned or inclusive of a wide range of shades, the hues that you choose can comprise the main visual effect of your space. In addition to color, though, have you thought about implementing a variety of materials?

Like the tone palette, the selection of textures can create a multidimensional appeal throughout your store fixtures. Let’s take a look at how you can incorporate one of these materials – wood – into your usual layout, as well as window and seasonal displays, to build a unique visual effect.

The main appeal
Throughout your store’s main floor space, you can feature a variety of wooden accents to emphasize different fixtures. Because wooden items are in a neutral tone, they can be tastefully incorporated into any design. You don’t need an all-around effect, just a few pieces. For example, apparel retailers can look for standard, suit and dress hangers in a variety of shades to heighten the store’s level of sophistication. Or opt for wooden bases and corresponding neck blocks to accent standing jersey form models.

Accenting specific themes
In addition to main necessities, smaller wooden accent pieces can really stand out in terms of design, especially at boutiques and specialty stores. Look for little items that can add an element of decoration to your space, such as teak risers for displaying jewelry, accent bowls and delicate countertop racks, which can be particularly eye-catching in special displays or storefront windows. Larger items like wooden mirrors can be a nice finishing touch in dressing rooms.

Designing around wood
As noted, the versatility of wood makes it an appropriate accent for nearly any space. If you’re feeling inspired, you might want to start with some great wooden pieces and work from there. For example, a steel and wooden fixture might catch your eye and lead you toward considering an industrial design in your space. A set of wooden display tables, on the other hand, could really work well for creating a homey appearance. Wooden jewelry displays could add onto a sophisticated design. Finally, starting with wooden accents that have a more natural exterior, you can build an entire boutique or earthy-themed store.