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Incorporating fall fashion trends into store displays

Incorporating fall fashion trends into store displays

If you sell fashionable clothing, your customers probably expect you to be up on the trends of the season. This fall, you will likely see a lot of lace, brocade and berry hues like maroon coming through your store. You can also incorporate these trends into your store displays to show your clientele how stylish your store really is.


Always ethereal and elegant, lace is having a moment this fall everywhere from shoes to sweaters. Fortunately, this trend is pretty easy to work into displays. Consider spray painting over doilies to achieve this pattern with paint, or get crafty and make some light fixtures. Take a variety of jars or candle holders and glue different lace trims and materials onto them. You can find lace material at fabric stores or your local thrift shop – the more unique, the better! Put in LED lights and use these to accent your windows or display tables.


The brocade print is also hot this fall. This Victorian pattern of leaves and flowers is elegant and trendy, making it perfect for store displays. If you can find a stencil, painting the pattern on store fixtures is a great way to give them a trendy brocade update. You can also look for brocade tissue for your bags at the cashwrap.

Maroon and berry

Maroon is one of the classic fall colors used in most autumn store displays, but you can make more of a point of it this fall. Change over your wholesale shopping bags and get some wholesale ribbon in this hue to remind shoppers just how trendy you are once they leave the store. It will likely coordinate with much of your merchandise, which will be even more pleasing to the eye.