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Incorporate natural elements into your store’s atmosphere and decor

Incorporate natural elements into your store’s atmosphere and decor

With plants beginning to blossom outside and Earth Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to give your store decor a refreshing makeover. Entice customers with natural elements that make shopping at your business a regular walk in the park.

When interior design authorities such as Better Homes and Gardens magazine and Martha Stewart discuss decorating with natural elements, they typically delve into a few main categories: rustic, floral and beachy. Check out these ideas for bringing a bit of nature into your shop.

“Make shopping at your business a regular walk in the park.”

Wooded wonders
People are getting ready to pack picnic lunches and stroll through local parks or nature reserves now that it’s warm outside. After spending a long winter looking at barren trees, the fresh leaves provide lush canopies of shade for explorers. Consider how you can add dashes of the woods around your store.

One way to channel the rawness of nature in your business is through unique store fixtures. Switch out your plastic hangers for earthy bamboo hangers – a much more ecofriendly option. For visual displays that have a rustic look, create dimension and height for small products by showcasing them on natural wood teak risers.

Many aspects play into the overall atmosphere of your store, including the scent. It’s the perfect time to get a new scent cube and a seasonal oil to make the shop a comfortable and familiar place. If you’re going for this woodsy theme, try Scent Oil Sweet Earth. The blend of warm vanilla and cedar is sure to convince customers to linger and continue shopping.

Don’t forget to engage customers’ sense of smell.

Botanical bonanza
We all know that April showers bring May flowers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring them first. Transform your store into a floral palace that naturally evokes happy spring feelings. You can decorate with live flowers, plastic flowers or even flower crafts. Create floral masterpieces from tissue paper, by painting abstract blooming shapes on poster paper or framing pressed flowers to hang around the store.

For a scent that matches the theme, check out Scent Oil Spring Me Happy. This option has hints of freshly cut grass in a hyacinth blend – like warm breezes on an early summer day.

Oceanside ornamentals 
Depending on what your business sells, a beach theme could be just what shoppers want as the seasons change. For decorations, you can simply stroll along a nearby beach for found objects. Pieces of driftwood, chunks of sea glass, interesting stones and pristine shells all make wonderful additions to a display shelf or countertop. For business owners who don’t live near the shoreline, you can find nautical items to display in your store through an easy online search. Brainstorm how you could use old fishing nets or buoys to take your decor to the next level.

If you want to fill your store with beachy smells, order a bottle of Scent Oil Blue Daze, a concoction that includes citrus and spices for a tantalizing summer scent.