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Improve store branding with custom color mannequins

Improve store branding with custom color mannequins

Adding small touches to a store that set it apart from its competitors is a step that all owners should take. Offering special promotions, unique merchandise and a friendly staff will certainly contribute to the number of shoppers heading through your doors, but there are a few other ways to stand out from the crowd. These details can go a long way toward properly branding your store, which in turn promotes business in the space.

A great way to brand your store is with resources like the C3 Custom Color Collection. These display tools can be ordered in colors that fit your store and style, making merchandise look better while also building the brand. They can be ordered in a range of custom hues that are ideal for enhancing certain products or providing details that add personality to a store display.

Create a unique look
Store owners would be remiss to leave their retail spaces decorated in boring, traditional style. There are many ways to personalize layouts, wall displays, table displays and clothing racks to get the most out of a floor. A smart touch would be to use C3 Apparel Racks or C3 Mannequins, which are available in a variety of custom colors. This subtle change won’t turn shoppers off from a store, but they can make a big difference in how customers view the space. They begin associating that color or style with your store and also have an easy way to remember your shop.

Compete with larger stores
By investing in custom color mannequins, you can better compete with larger stores. It’s not uncommon to see department stores catering the details of displays toward promoting sales, which often includes incorporating colors that accentuate the products they are trying to move. This may not be feasible for smaller shops, but when you pick up a few mannequins for sale in key custom colors, you can achieve the same effect.

The C3 Custom Color Collection has no minimum order, allowing even the smallest of stores to get in one the fun and stock up on these unique mannequins. Scratch-resistant finishes also ensure that you will be able to use and reuse the models in your store for years to come, only having to change the outfits and surroundings to make them fit each season.