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Ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day display window

Ideas for this year’s Valentine’s Day display window

The countdown to Valentine’s Day has begun, which means you’ll soon need to start planning out your display window for this holiday, if you haven’t already. Many retailers begin to advertise their Valentine’s sales starting on February 1, and if you want to join in the game, here are some simple yet unique ideas you can use for your storefront.

Battle of the sexes
Couples and relationships are the central focus of this holiday, and you can reflect this in your store window by purchasing a few mannequins for sale – some male and some female. Divide your display space in half, and dedicate one side to things men might want for the holiday. Use the other area for gifts that are perfect for women. Dress your mannequins in red, white and purple and place them on the appropriate side of the display window, and you’ll have a storefront to which everyone can relate.

When Cupid strikes
The winged cherub of love, Cupid, is a popular motif for February 14 celebrations, so why not emulate him by incorporating “arrows of love” into your window display? Once you’ve placed a few of your best items on wall racks or display tables in the window, pierce them with “arrows” (bamboo rods will work fine and won’t cause damage) that have price tags attached to them. This will let your customers know that you have great deals while still paying homage to the holiday.

Let colors be your guide
This holiday has a color scheme that evokes romance, so you can let red, white, pink and purple be your guide when creating your window display. Find items in these hues, or dress up a few adult and child mannequins in festive outfits. Top this theme off with wholesale ribbon in the colors of the holiday – you can use scissors to curl the ribbon for an extra festive look.

Reach out to singles
Sometimes, uncoupled individuals can feel left out on February 14, so you may want to consider reaching out to them with your store window. Choose neutral colors if you want to go subtle, or you can put up store signs letting singletons know that you’ve got great sales for those lonely hearts out there. Of course, you don’t want to alienate any couples who are shopping for gifts, so make sure you find a way to let those who are lucky in love know they’re welcome as well.