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Ideas for a modern springtime display

Ideas for a modern springtime display

The key to creating a modern feeling for your store displays is keeping everything clean, neat and orderly. Modern design emphasizes a clutterless assembly of your store racks and display tables focusing on the use of natural materials, with the pieces coming together for a minimalist look. Most of the pieces in modern collections are lifted from the floor and not covered, creating a notion of air flow that would allow a breeze to pass through the entire store unstopped.

These aspects can go hand-in-hand with the approaching springtime weather when everyone finally has a chance to open their windows and let the fresh air from outside circulate. When you’re preparing your displays for this season, keep in mind that most of your customers have been indoors for much of the winter. They’ve finally broken free from their restricting solitude and they want the space to move around. Orientate your shop in a way that will encourage their freedom to move about now that they don’t have to worry when the next icy wind will wash over them.

Though modern design often keeps its tones neutral and dulled, spring is about life and color. To express that properly in combination, consider using your bright, lively colors in moderation with the purpose of accentuating the displays at your business. You can use some neutral greens or pinks less sparingly as long as the overall look doesn’t become a distorted spectrum. Less is more in this case.

A few well positioned plants on your tables and shelves will be a welcomed sight as the world outside moves on from its state of lifelessness. Use your mannequins to bear the most of your products, covering them with clothes and accessories galore. They are the one possible exception to modern design in your store and will be the real showcases during this time of rebirth.