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I have the signage… now where do I put it?

I have the signage… now where do I put it?

It is hard enough to decide on the right signage for your store – which colors are you going to use? Fonts? Pictures? Once you make all of these important decisions and order the posters, placards and other signs for your store displays, you must then decide where to put them.

When it comes to displaying signage in your windows, there are several tips to take into consideration. Think about how the sign will look with the rest of your store's outer appearance – does it match or complement the colors on the signs outside, too? If not, consider placing them somewhere inside, instead.

Size is also an important factor to consider with window signage. A good rule of thumb is to make the sign as large as possible without affecting the amount of natural light your store gets.

When it comes to placing signage inside your store, remember the way shoppers move through the space. Put any important information about sales or other special offers you would like to advertise in a central location at the front of the store so no one can miss it as they walk in.