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Hug your customers – with displays

Hug your customers – with displays

What is more welcoming than open arms, ready to embrace you into a hug? Okay, fine, it might be a little strange to hug each customer who enters your store, but having your displays hug them is actually one of the tried and true methods of visual merchandising.

Now, how exactly does a display "hug?" Well, studies have shown that people naturally gravitate toward round and U-shapes, according to This means that if you have a curved table or even hang a circular sign above your store fixtures, shoppers are more likely to approach those store displays. Think of the makeup counters at large department stores or the jewelry counters at places like Tiffany & Co. – don't you want to approach those rounded shapes, particularly the inlets of the curves?

Try placing a low wall with small sides behind your mannequins to create this effect, or set up some of your display tables or clothing racks into a horseshoe-type shape. These shapes beckon shoppers to approach them and then focus solely on what is inside, providing a more personal feel to their shopping experience.