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How you can get swimwear to sell

How you can get swimwear to sell

With temperatures rising across the country, apparel retailers have a new type of clothing to focus on – swimwear. Men, women and children will be looking to update their favorite water-friendly clothes for the season, so displaying your trunks, bikinis and one-pieces well is essential.

What's in style?
It seems as though swimwear styles are changing every year. According to Glamour magazine, for women this year, color-blocking is all the rage when it comes to bikinis. Cut-out style bathing suits are also very in this year – these suits are like combination bikini one pieces, still showing skin, but in a more conservative way. In a similar vein, some celebrities have been seen wearing high-waisted bikinis, sometimes with a thick accent belt. In terms of one-piece bathing suits, this year, look for swimwear that has large graphic prints. These are a little nerdy and tacky – but that's completely intentional.

Trendy men have many options for swimwear this season. According to Forbes, this year will see a "rebirth of high-performance materials and a variety of styles and colors." While in the past board shorts were popular, this year men's trunks are typically coming to just above the knee.

Swimwear display tips
To help sell swimwear this year, use color to your advantage. Bright hues and exciting patterns will catch the eyes of shoppers who pass by your storefront. Use adult and child mannequins to display your best suits, and be sure to give the front window showcase an appropriate background. For example, you can use blue and yellow tissue paper to create a seaside scene. If you have red trunks or bikinis, you can turn one of your mannequins into a lifeguard, watching over the whole scene.

In the store, you can continue to use bright colors to catch shoppers' attention. A wall display stocked with Hawaiian patterns will definitely get noticed.

Don't forget that people also need accessories to go with their swimwear. Many women like to wear sarongs or summer dresses over their suits, and both men and women will need sunglasses and hats. Stock these items near your bathing suits to make extra sales.