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How will you display the hottest pants of the season?

How will you display the hottest pants of the season?

Clothing stores have already started welcoming the hordes of back-to-school shoppers who are looking for the hottest fall trends to wear to class, which means that now is the time for stores to showcase their fall fashion in the best of ways. As the seasons change, more people are transitioning their wardrobes from airy summer dresses to pants, so it's crucial you display the hottest pants of your collection in the best way.


Corduroy is a fall classic when it comes to pants, and this season is different from the past only in the cut and styles of these garments. Just as colorful denim was trendy in the spring, colored cords are going to have a moment this fall.

In your store displays, you can accentuate your wide selection of cord colors by setting up pant forms in a single-file line in your window and dressing them in all the hues you have. Either arrange the pants in rainbow order to convey that you literally have "all the colors of the rainbow," or create small clusters of analogous or complementary colors.

Patterned pants

Patterns were once reserved for dresses, skirts and tops, but this year they are taking the bottom half by storm for women. Whether geometric or floral, shoppers will be flocking to skinny jeans, chinos or other pants that have some sort of print or pattern on them.

Because this trend is on the edgy side, try to create displays that will help your customers imagine how they might wear these pants. Set up pant forms near a solid sweater or other matching top, or have a mannequin dressed in a complete outfit that includes the pants, then place it near a table showing off your variety.


It seems jeans will never go out of style, and why should they? Denim has long been a back-to-school classic, and as the color palette for all fashion darkens, you can expect the denim selection you have to do the same. This season, shoppers will likely go for the deepest shades of indigo jeans you have.

Because many stores will be selling back-to-school jeans, it's important to make yours stand out. Create a display of jeans with one other type of clothing, like a particular sweater, or design your display tables using denim and one bright accent color, like orange.