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How to use string lights outside your store

How to use string lights outside your store

When it comes to store decorations, many shop owners focus on interior design. Remembering your store’s exterior, though, can help give your business curb appeal and attract new customers. To instantly illuminate your store displays, look into implementing string lighting features.

Lighting fixtures come in a variety of styles that can harmonize with many decorating themes and atmospheres. For ultimate versatility, consider clear rope lighting or stranded LED lights. More casual and playful clear rope lighting offers an extremely adaptable and durable option for outdoor illumination. Due to its flexibility, the store fixture can be wrapped around awnings or columns in front of your shop, and may remain glowing for over 1,000 days.

For an artistic twist on rope lighting, LED string lights present a sophisticated option that maintains functionality. Fixed on bendable copper wire, the LED lights can be easily attached to outdoor store racks or fixtures to add a warm radiance to your merchandise, or positioned around plants and other outdoor decorations. The strings can also be utilized as overhead illumination, and require little maintenance, as they are powered by AA batteries and do not require access to an outlet or excess cords.

Stores and boutiques may consider a natural option like rose leaf lights for a more artistic and whimsical feel. Available in both tan and red, the bulbs blossom when misted with water and provide glowing illumination which perfectly coordinates with autumn color schemes. Because the lights are natural, they should be brought inside during inclement weather to maintain their appearance and durability. When decorating in a more protected location while still lighting up your storefront, consider adding rose leaf lights or another stranded option into a glass front display window or beneath a water-resistant awning.