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How to use leaves in a fall display

How to use leaves in a fall display

The ever-changing colors of leaves on the trees are a characteristic of fall, and if your shop is located somewhere that attracts leaf peepers, a good way to draw in customers is to use this beautiful foliage in your window displays.

To evoke the real spirit of autumn with falling leaves in your window, attach leaves to paper backings and hang them from the ceiling. Remember that real leaves, over time, will dry up and crumble (causing a mess for you), so you will want to seal them somehow. One way is to glue them to cardstock then dip the entire shape into transparent wax, and another is to use spray adhesive to attach the leaf and varnish over the leaf to maintain the gorgeous colors and patterns.

Once you have created the leaves, poke holes and hang them from the ceiling using twine, ribbon or clear fishing line. You could also attach them to the wall to create the look of falling leaves, creating a dynamic window display.

You can also use leaves to create little mini arrangements in small vases throughout your store displays. Just make sure to check them regularly and replace when they start to turn brown.