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How to use fresh plants in a window display

How to use fresh plants in a window display

One sure way to make your store takes on an atmosphere of rebirth this spring is to strategically place plant life around your store displays. Everything will soon begin blooming outside, so now’s your chance to let some of that flora creep into your shop. The splendid array of colors that comes with the warmer weather is a welcome sight to most, especially after the long months of dreary and grey shades this season has been bathed in.

Real or fake?
The main factor to decide with regard to the greenery of your store is whether you want your plants to be real or fake. You have to choose whichever one will complement the way you run your business most because if you don’t, your plants could have the opposite intended effect and affect people’s perception of your brand.

If you don’t have many employees and are often busy, you might want to consider fake vegetation. The worst thing that you can let happen is have all your plants die from a lack of care or attention. That would be the least ideal scenario, transforming your once thriving abode into a withering scene, contradicting the time of year outside.

With fake plants and flowers, you don’t have to worry about watering them, making sure they’re in the sunlight or if they’re in the right temperature. You have more room to get creative and mold them into the visions you see for your shop. They’re out there to show your customers that you’re willing to change with the times and to help spread the general cheer that comes with the spring spirit.

However, when you take the plunge and go for living plants, you gain the realistic sense that comes with it. True, they will be a lot more work than their nonliving counterparts, but when customers reaches over to touch one of the leaves, they’ll know the amount of effort you put into the aesthetics of your business.

With real flora, every day in your store is different. You and your repeat shoppers get the chance to witness the growth of your plants throughout the weeks, and catch the changing colors and stages as they grow to maturity.

Living flowers and plants are less easy to manipulate to fuse with your store racks and other difficult items. They are much more stationary and tend to head in whatever direction the sun is, so you have fewer moments to incorporate your imagination.

Lift them up
Unless you get some pretty large plants or small trees, you should always have your vegetation elevated or cordoned off in some way. Your store isn’t like the outside – the ground could mean death by trample. The higher they are, the less likely they are to get kicked, stepped on or covered in dust. Plus, they’ll get better access to sunlight.

Use some display cases as the platform for your plants and sprinkle the rest of the surface with small accessories or stands of jewelry. If you want to place them closer to windows or seating areas, some small tables or shelves can fit them into corners or in between furniture.

Adding plants can be a great way to throw a splash of color and life into your shop, especially if you don’t feel like painting anything. It moves your business away from stagnation and creates a passive dynamic prop at a time it will be greatly appreciated by anyone who walks through your doors. Whichever route you take, make sure it is the perfect solution to your style of managing and enjoy the miracle of nature this spring while watching the effects it has on your shoppers.