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How to use food in store displays

How to use food in store displays

Are you thinking of incorporating food into your store’s interior design, but want to avoid making your shop look like a toy kitchen set? Here are some tips for tastefully adding some flavor to your store displays with artificial food:

Keep things natural
When it comes to food replications, a little bit can go a long way. Instead of purchasing a whole orchard of artificial apples, select just a few items and place them on a divided display tray or similar feature. Depending on your store’s theme and atmosphere, you may want to look for pieces that are more realistic and will give customers a sense of relatability. A few pears set naturally in a kitchen display, for instance, could offer patrons a feeling of being in a real home instead of a store exhibit. Food items that are lifelike can be particularly appealing when used with earthy display fixtures, such as carved wooden bowls or baskets.

Spice it up
For more artistic boutiques, vintage designs and quirky spaces, look for decorations that mimic the appearance of food but have a more sophisticated appeal. Glass or shimmering pieces can add sparkle and catch customer’s attention, and can be selected based on your store’s design. If you have utilized glittery or rhinestone decals, for example, you may want food items to be equally whimsical. A sleek interior could be paired with items of a more neutral material and shade.

Make a sale
Want to pitch an item without using any words? Let food do the talking by incorporating items directly into a storefront window arrangements. While this is obviously an effective method for bakeries and other food sellers, saving the time otherwise needed to replenish fresh items in displays every day, food doesn’t have to be your product to help make a sale. Artificial food can be used as an accent to emphasize your merchandise’s utility or just to catch a customer’s eye. Creatively intersperse items like fake cupcakes on tall, tiered standing shelving units or a decorative display table.

Stay authentic
Although temporary in their lifespan, using real food in exhibits is certainly still an option. Particularly during autumn, look for seasonal items such as pumpkins, gourds or calico corn. These resilient foods can stay in arrangement for an extended period of time before they begin to go bad, and will mesh perfectly with seasonal sales and themed displays.