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How to use “Christmas” lights even when it’s not the holidays

How to use “Christmas” lights even when it’s not the holidays

Everyone loves the faint twinkle that strands of Christmas lights give off. Once reserved solely for Christmas trees and other holiday decorations, strings of lights can now create a pleasant glow in store displays during the spring, summer and fall – as long as they are used tastefully.

One major string light faux pas to avoid is using the wrong color strands. Traditionally, these lights come on a forest green wire to blend in with greenery and Christmas trees. However, now they also come on white strands, which are much more tasteful for most settings.

No matter which color strand you choose, always conceal the wires as much as you can. If your store displays call for extension cords, make sure you have also designed the table or window so the cords can be completely tucked away out of sight or covered with other materials.

The color of the lights also matters. White will provide the most professional look, but solid colors like red or blue can work for certain displays, too. Multi-colored lights would work in a more casual store setting with an earthy or playful vibe. No matter which color lights you choose, don't choose the blinking or "twinkling" options they offer. The strings of lights make enough of a statement – flashing lights will take the lighting overboard.