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How to use acrylic cubes to energize your store

How to use acrylic cubes to energize your store

As you look around your store, you may be wondering how you can use the display fixtures you already have to give your shop a makeover. If you have previously used acrylic cubes in your store design, there are plenty of other options you may not have tried that will give the physical space a refreshed look.

With a couple ideas for do-it-yourself art projects and suggestions for arranging the merchandise you are itching to sell, you will have a great starting point for incorporating your own creativity. Sometimes people say, “New ‘do, new you” in regard to a new hairstyle. In this case, think “new decor, new store.”

Fill ’em up

  • Highlight: Whether you want to show off your most expensive products, the best sellers or the newest arrivals, acrylic cubes are just the place to do so. You can set items on top of cubes to bring them closer to the customers’ eyes or give a hint of exclusivity by displaying them inside the clear boxes. Another option is to use acrylic cubes to give emphasis to sale items. In case the sale tags don’t attract enough attention, a shiny display case sure will. One more function for the cubes is to hold a stack of organized merchandise, rather than one specific item. Well-folded apparel or nicely arranged books can be quite enticing when situated in a compact space.
  • Promote: Because of their size, acrylic cubes are great for clearance bins or dump buckets to display near the cash registers. If you have assorted items for sale, such as unsold merchandise in an array of patterns, you can consolidate the space they need by mixing the products together in one acrylic cube. Customers can sort through the options to find what they want, getting a chance to look at each selection as they go. For a different use, place acrylic cubes near the register and fill them with small items a customer might decide to buy at the last minute.

Dress ’em up

  • Reflect: Head to your nearest craft store and look for small flat mirrors that will fit in the acrylic cubes. While it would be ideal if it carried mirrors in the exact shape and size you need, there are two backup options to choose from. If you’re very dedicated to the concept and have a large enough budget for store displays, contact a local glass store and custom order the correct size mirrors. Alternatively, you can choose one of the shapes the store already has for a different, more abstract look. For example, attach a round mirror glued to the back wall of a cube or triangular pieces on the top and bottom of a stacked cube group.
  • Garnish: You can use acrylic cubes as decorations by dressing them up a bit. Whether you choose to add color to the inside or outside of your cubes, it will take very little time and money. Start by choosing a selection of scrapbooking paper, or even wrapping paper if you have one that you love. Using double-sided scotch tape if you plan to reuse the cubes or glue if this is a permanent design, cover your desired surfaces with decorative paper. Feel free to get creative with mixed and matched patterns, but be sure there isn’t any visible adhesive when you display the final product.
  • Illuminate: For alternative lighting fixtures, turn your acrylic cubes into candle holders. Buy a handful of battery-powered candles to put in the boxes, perhaps with some other decorations. Consider painting the insides of your cubes with an opaque coat of paint or glitter to dress the decoration up further. You can also incorporate the small mirrors for an even more unique luster.