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How to tell a story with your store windows

How to tell a story with your store windows

One of the most common pieces of advice professional visual merchandisers will give to rookies is this: tell a story with your store displays. Of course, if you’re at a loss for creativity, this tip is much easier said than done.

Creating a “story” with your displays does not really mean making a visual that has a beginning, middle and end. What it means is creating an experience for the viewer. reports choosing a theme is the first place to start. Do you have a holiday coming up? Instead of grabbing everything in your store that fits that holiday’s color scheme, make up a scenario. Cole Hardware in San Francisco created a “Which Broom” story for their window during Halloween one year, using the witch motif to showcase all of the store’s brooms.

Even if you don’t have a holiday to base your display on, you can use the seasons to grab attention. In the spring, create a farm stand on your window’s display tables, whether you sell food items or not. A sporting event, beach trip or barbecue are some other good seasonal themes to draw story ideas from.