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How to successfully promote your Father’s Day sale

How to successfully promote your Father’s Day sale


It seems like Mother’s Day just happened, but Father’s Day is already around the corner. This year, your store could have its most successful promotion yet.

Here’s what to expect in the marketplace this Father’s Day as well as a few ways to give your promotions a boost:

Father’s Day is a growing business opportunity

Father’s Day spending still has a long way to go to catch up to Mother’s Day, but this year’s holiday is set to be the biggest on record. The National Retail Federation reported that spending is expected to hit an all-time high of $14.3 billion.

Further, NRF explained that surveyed shoppers intend on spending an average of $125.92, up from $115.57 last year.

Get social with your marketing campaign

As the big day draws nearer, you’ll want to build momentum on your social platforms. Use your Facebook page to tell your loyal customers about sales and promotions. Keep in mind that you don’t want to flood your followers feeds with promotional content. Sprinkle in some fun posts, too.

For example, you could ask your followers to submit their favorite photos of their dads or share some special Father’s Day memories. If you have a following on Pinterest, consider building a Father’s Day board with gift ideas. On Instagram, you can share follower’s images and use the Story feature to document your sale and encourage others to come join in the fun!

Decorate your storefront

It’s important to keep your window displays up-to-date, or your customers might find them a little stale. Entrepreneur Magazine noted that it’s impossible to update your window displays too often. After all, every time you make a change it gives pedestrians an excuse to stop and see what’s new.

You can use adult and child mannequins to create a visually interesting scene that features products from your shop. Plus, our eye-catching Father’s Day sale sign will show passersby that they can find good deals just beyond your shop’s front doors.

Give your shop a masculine makeover

Inside your store, you can create a more masculine theme by adding a few hand selected retail display pieces. Dark-grained wood and sturdy metal appeal to a manly aesthetic. For instance, our industrial piping table has a reclaimed look that imbues the show floor with a rugged look.

Scent is another often-overlooked in-store marketing technique. Although scent is a powerful sense – and deeply connected to our memories – many brands miss out on this unique opportunity. If you haven’t tried it yet, your Father’s Day sale is a great time to try a scent system. Consider scents such as Tobacco Tonka, Espresso or Winter Pine for an extra layer of masculinity.

Father’s Day is all about celebrating the men in our lives who helped shape us into the people we are today. Shoppers respond well to brands that can help them achieve their goals. This Father’s Day will be a success for your store if you can help your customers make this annual celebration truly special.