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How to store wrinkle-prone items

How to store wrinkle-prone items

When your inventory has grown to the point where you can no longer keep everything out on your display tables and store racks, sometimes you have to store it in the back of your building or other hidden areas. Even if you want to keep a portion of your stock off the floor to make room for a more diverse arrangement, it’s important that the quality of your products don’t deteriorate while in storage. If your items don’t look brand new when they hit the sales floor, customers will be less inclined to pick them up. The way you store your clothing is connected to your shop’s overall performance and appearance.

Reducing wrinkles
The manner in which you keep your clothes is paramount in determining their appearance once they are ready to be moved onto your shelves and racks. If your inventory is stored for long periods of time, wrinkles can easily sneak their way through your fabrics and detract from their perceived value to shoppers. Make sure your employees are aware of the various proper folding techniques so whether your clothing is out for the world to see or patiently waiting behind the scenes, it’s ready to be tried on.

One of the best ways to prevent creases and wrinkles is by making sure everything is on a hanger. You can have display racks in the private areas of your business to keep your clothes in the best condition. If you lack the room for racks, using folding boards is an acceptable alternative to fit the most you can with the space you have to work with. The boards will keep articles of clothing neat and stationary with little room to move and become messy.

Keeping your extra supply close by
If you prefer to keep your extra supply of clothes ready for display at a moment’s notice, you can keep your conservatively folded items close to sales floor. Many display cases have shelves below the main counter that allows you to tuck away your surplus in a more discreet manner. This is convenient not only for you, but for your customers as well, as they now have more options to choose from if looking for a particular size. Shirts and such wrapped around folding boards also make it a lot easier to neatly stack items in small places.

The appearance of your stock affects the general look of your store and should be given extra care to be maintained so your business can flourish.