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How to store and display overstocked items

How to store and display overstocked items

On Black Friday, retailers do their best to help customers snap up products at fantastic discounts, especially if it is overstocked merchandise. Even at the best prices, though, you may find yourself with a surplus of items and limited space. So how do you balance store displays to highlight both new seasonal gifts and overstocked items at hot prices? Try these tips and tricks:

Divide your space into sections
The overstocked items had their time to shine during Black Friday, so now you want to emphasize different products that will be a hit during the holidays. In the front of your store, focus on new products that customers might be willing to splurge on in the spirit of the season. Surplus sale items can be moved back and placed in high-efficiency containers like dump bins or baskets. Excess goods are also perfect for countertop displays at the register, aisle caps and containers located near checkout, particularly if you’re anticipating a long queue.

Set the scene for success
To increase the gift appeal of overstock items, create displays that incorporate wrapping materials. This may include traditional gift paper that highlights specific holidays or accessories with a broader appeal, such as wholesale ribbon and bows, or decorative bags in neutral tones. With smaller bulk merchandise items, consider creating pairings to encourage customers to buy gifts together that could be perfect for stuffing stockings or handing out at holiday parties. You can drop this hint by using those very items in displays to emphasize their perfect pairing and creating a gift-basket effect by organizing merchandise together that would be well-suited to a similar purpose.

Emphasize the savings
Shoppers are always looking for a good deal, so make it easy for them to spot the discounts, even if they’re not at the front of your store. Look for eye-catching display fixtures like posters and signs that will draw attention toward areas of the store where guests can find some of the top savings on overstock items. Remember that product placement still matters, so merchandise that’s related should be displayed next to each other. This can include directly relevant goods, like hats and mittens, or be targeted more toward a specific audience than a type of product. For instance, discounted outdoor wear might be placed close to favorite seasonal snacks like hot chocolate mix.