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How to showcase summer scarves on a head form

How to showcase summer scarves on a head form

Your stock of scarves isn’t just for winter time. During the summer, lighter scarves serve as an important accessory for many shoppers, so it’s important your store displays are ready to showcase your selection. There are a few ways you can grab the attention of customers in your shop and direct it toward your scarves. Mannequins are very striking visuals that draw gazes from all around your business, but you can’t have a full-body model with nothing but a scarf on it.

One way to make sure all of the focus is on your accessories is by exhibiting them on a head form. These store fixtures are dedicated specifically to whatever you put on them and you don’t have to worry about the emphasis being on an outfit as opposed to your headwear.

For a more unique arrangement, setting up some display tables with abstract head forms are sure to cause a few double-takes of people walking by. The long necks of these partial models are unusual compared to most other displays, but provide ample room to showcase scarves, with the focal point remaining on your accessories.

These otherworldly figures bring some unexpected excitement to your scarves and give shoppers the chance to pay attention to nothing but them as they figure out which will serve them best this season.

If you want to take advantage of all the extra focus, you can display other accessories on them, such as hats or sunglasses. The abstract head forms can put your smaller items into the spotlight during a time when shoppers are looking for them, making these models a wise investment for any store. Use them to help shoppers complete their outfits this summer.