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How to Show Off Shoes in the Store

How to Show Off Shoes in the Store


Displaying merchandise in your store takes more thought than one would assume. From choosing the right rack to deciding which new trendy boot or sandal gets to sit in the window display, there are dozens of small details that need proper attention before execution.

Regardless of the season, shoppers are always looking for new shoes, whether it’s for work, exercise, leisure or a night out on the town. In fact, according to the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America, consumers spend $82.1 billion on shoes annually. With so many shoppers searching for shoes on a regular basis, it’s important to be on your A-game when customers come into your boutique browsing for the latest footwear.

Are you intrigued and ready to impress those shoe-shopping customers? Here are a few simple tips and tricks for showing off those heels, boots, sneakers and sandals in the store:

1. Set the scene

Sometimes, shoppers need a reminder of why they entered your store in the first place. They want to find something that’s relatable and makes their visit valuable. Instead of putting all of your shoes on display together, consider setting the scene and providing a complete outfit for the customer. Perhaps it’s almost summer and your shoppers are looking for cute sandals. In this case, fill your display window with a beach scene complete with mannequins dressing in trendy bathing suits, sunglasses and of course, summertime footwear.


2. Play with different display options

While a section in the back of the store dedicated to footwear can come in handy, you don’t necessarily have to use a shoe rack. As mentioned before, you can dress mannequins with the latest shoe trends to set the tone for your shoppers. You can also take advantage of rotating slat walls, shoe stands and other display items designed specifically for shoes. If you’d like to keep your shoppers thinking about your footwear options as they browse through the store, consider utilizing all of these display options in more than one area.

3. Let color draw the attention

If you want to catch the interest of your shoppers, consider putting your most vibrant shoes on display near the front of the store. Colors like red and yellow are known for grabbing attention, so consider putting those in the window display or near the front of the boutique. Once shoppers set foot in your store and start browsing, you can tone things down in terms of color and pay closer attention to style trends.

4. Use social media to your advantage

While finding new ways to put your shoes on display in the store is the most important tactic, free advertisements also come in handy. Social media, for example, allows you to document your shoes and show them off to customers in real time when they’re not present in the store. Use Instagram, for example, to post photos and update customers on new trendy options available. You can also give a show store tour on your Instagram story so shoppers know exactly where to go for a certain style when they make it to the store. Not only does this bring awareness to your product, but it also makes your shoppers better informed about merchandise you have in stock.

Interested in revamping your shoe display strategy? With these simple tips, you can transform your store, enhance customer awareness and increase your chances of hitting those sales numbers. Browse through Firefly Store Solutions today to invest in the future of your boutique.