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How to put a summer twist on your store

How to put a summer twist on your store

You don’t need elaborate store displays to let shoppers know that your business is ready for summer. There are small changes and adjustments you can make to all aspects of your store that will help convey some of that warm-weather spirit. While nothing gets people’s heads turning like a striking window display with mannequins showcasing the latest seasonal trends, a more subtle approach is also effective at easing customers in to see what a store has for them.

By playing off of the metamorphosis occurring outside, store owners can let nature do most of the work in stirring up the emotions of people excited for summer. This allows shops to build on the scene outdoors and focus primarily on the products they’re trying to emphasize this season.

Change up the interior
Rearranging a store’s setup is a good way to show shoppers you’re willing to change with the times, whether it is for the weather or an event. It’s beneficial to mix things up every so often, and the summer transition is a good reason for something different. Move around store fixtures and display tables to clear some open space and create a very breathable layout where you can almost picture a summer breeze making its way throughout the whole building. Shoppers don’t want to feel constricted or cluttered when they’ll be hot from walking around in the heat all day.

For any of your old or plain jersey forms, a new form cover can liven them up, especially one composed of bright colors or flowers. These models will reflect the nature outside and the covers are easy to change around, making them a simple way to bring some of that summer life inside with minimal effort.

If you want to change some of the dreary metal fixtures in your store for something more exciting, a shade of color might do them some good. With the C3 Custom Color Collection, you can pick whatever tone you want your store racks to be to bring in brilliant colors from the outside. A bright background for your inventory might be just what your items need to impress shoppers right off of the rack.

Don’t wait for the shoppers
Now that the weather is more pleasant, don’t be afraid to take on more aggressive tactics for getting the attention of passersby. Meet them outside of your doors with a message board where you can use whatever color chalk you want for springtime drawings and daily news. Shoppers will see that your store is ready for the sunshine and warm temperatures and they may even be enticed to come inside to see what your promotions offer.

Even if you want something more low key than that, your store can evoke customers’ summer feelings with smells from nature using scent cubes and different oils. Scatter the dispensers around your store to add the fresh smell of nature around your space – all without the pesky allergens and heat that mark the season.

Countless other small changes have the potential to generate the largest impact without needing to dedicate precious time and manpower to create it. It isn’t necessary to completely transform your store to mirror the coming summer outside. Nature works with what is already in place and so can you. You don’t need to fabricate the excitement people are feeling from the season, only harness it to show shoppers that your store can help them enjoy it.