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How to prepare for the busiest shopping season

How to prepare for the busiest shopping season


Autumn is in full swing and winter is just around the corner. For retailers, that means the busiest shopping season of the year is almost here! After the end of October, the rest of the year is a whirlwind of sales, including those specifically for the holidays and Black Friday, meaning droves of shoppers and exciting new inventory. If you’re looking for actionable tips on how to prepare for this crazy shopping season, keep reading:

Baked goods and other treats
Almost everyone is familiar with that feeling of coming home for the holidays and enjoying a few fresh-baked treats straight from the oven. That warmth and sweetness reminds people of the comfort and security of childhood. You can create a similar feeling by offering sweet treats along with your regular offerings. After all, who doesn’t love the energy boost of a gooey cupcake? If you’re creating a cozy scene in your shop with some delicious baked goods, consider using our FDA compliant cupcake boxes and colorful bakery tissue. Your customers can tote their goodies home to eat on their own, or give them to friends and coworkers as gifts.

Marketing and ad campaigns
Early winter is the busiest time of the year, which means you’ll have to compete for your customers’ attention. You can be sure that your competitors will be advertising in full force during the next few months. After October, it’s time to step up your marketing efforts to get your brand in front of as many eyes as possible. Aside from introducing a new online ad campaign and sending out newsletters, you can also use some clever on-site marketing. The U.S. Small Business Administration suggested adding a few perks to your store for the season. For example, on weekends you could hire a masseuse to give free shoulder massages to those who make a purchase.

Niches and targeted shoppers
The holidays are the perfect time to make a few extra retail sales with add-on items. Use some small shelving units to display add-on items near larger purchases. For example, if you sell sports wear, you may want to have a small display of fitness trackers nearby. Class Pass reported that wearable fitness technology is a huge ongoing trend, and they make perfect stocking stuffers. Whatever your niche happens to be, look for ways to encourage shoppers to buy small, secondary items to go with their holiday purchases.

As you look to boost your retail sales this season, aim to make customers feel at home. Get them in a positive mood with some on-site promotions. From there, you can make a few extra sales by offering relevant add-on items.