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How to prepare for fall inventory

How to prepare for fall inventory

Before all of your fall inventory starts arriving at your store, you need to make enough room for it in the stock room so everything is in a prime position when the time comes to put it all out on the sales floor. The summer season is still burning on, but transitions have a way of sneaking up on customers and business owners alike. A shop can never be too prepared for the summer, and making sure there’s enough space for new products is vital to start a new season off the right way.

In addition to clearing out the warehouse or storage room, stores need to clean up the aftermath of the current season’s decor to make way for any new designs or ideas. If you delay too long, you may have to do a lot more work than necessary to prepare for the fall season and then you’ll run the risk of hasty decorations that don’t draw customers, but send them away.

Fall cleaning time
While the aftermath of summer isn’t nearly as destructive as winter, it still requires care to remove any residue from the outdoors that people have been rolling around in for months, sometimes maybe even bringing some unwanted nature into your building with them on their shopping trips.

Whether it’s sand from the beach creeping its way into the cracks and corners of your floors, or pieces of leaves, branches and whatever else that were dragged in accidentally, you need to make sure your floor is in top shape before the strains of fall and winter get added on to it.

Traditional sweepers can handle the basic debris that falls to the floor, but if you think you need something more powerful, now might be the perfect time to get a vacuum that can handle everything the cooler weather throws at your store.

Beyond the shop surfaces, you need to pay special attention to the areas that will showcase your fall products, such as your windows, display tables and store racks. Make sure these locations are spotless so when customers are looking through your new products, they won’t see any reminders of seasons past that could ruin the continuity of your exhibits.

Looking beyond where new products will go
In order to have a successful fall season, you need to guarantee all aspects of your business are ready to work together to move as much of your product out as possible. You can have all of your displays assembled perfectly, but if things are mislabeled or your dressing room isn’t ready to accentuate your stock, shoppers can walk away without making any purchases.

Every seasonal change is a perfect opportunity to go through your store and order any supplies you may be running low on before you find yourself lacking something integral to assist fall sales. Make sure you have enough tags to properly label and identify all of the new items that will be hitting shelves and hanging from racks. The sooner everything is tagged, the easier it will be to swap summer clothes for fall.

If your new products are all ready to go when the season comes, you can initiate a widespread rollout that completely changes the dynamic of your store all in one day, showing customers you’re on top of your game for this season.

Not every shopper is willing to grab something right off of the rack and buy it immediately. Purchasing new clothes can sometimes be a lengthy process ripe with trial and error. Ensure your dressing rooms are equipped with all of the supplies they’ll need to quell any doubts customers have when they go to try something on.