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How to partner with other brands for an event

How to partner with other brands for an event

Forging a partnership with another brand can boost the power of an event. By combining the resources of two companies, both gain access to a wider audience, increasing the number of opportunities for engaging a new set of customers. As we approach the Christmas shopping season, branded events can support your shop's sales and marketing goals.

Determine what your brand brings to the table

Always keep in mind that a partnership between brands is a two-way street. Both parties should come away from the relationship having gained something. Therefore, you need to be able to define what advantages your brand will bring to your potential partners before you send out a pitch. If you approach other brands – especially ones larger than your own – with only a list of demands, you are likely to be turned down.

Let's say that a clothing retailer is on the lookout for a partner. The first step would be to come up with a few ideas for an event. In this case, it may make sense to hold a seasonal-themed event where shoppers can come and check out the latest styles. What kind of partner brand would make sense for this event? Here are some options:

A local coffee roaster: The event could feature warm beverages to entice shoppers inside from the cold.
A fragrance brand: If shoppers are on the hunt for holiday party clothes and Christmas gifts, they may want to grab a new bottle of perfume or cologne at the same time.
An accessory brand: Locally crafted jewelry pairs well with a selection of seasonal outfits.

In each of these example scenarios, the clothing brand provides a channel for its brand partners to reach a new audience.

Develop a personalized pitch

Once you have a few potential partners in mind, take the time to write out a personalized pitch for each. It's best if you can identify a specific stakeholder to speak to. Use LinkedIn to find brand representatives and do some research to determine how best to appeal to them. Your proposal should include specifics, such as a date for the event, details about what your brand has to offer and what you would expect from the partner.

You'll want to send out proposals several weeks in advance of the event to give people time to consider and respond to your plan. Be prepared to negotiate and follow up when necessary.

Consider charitable partnerships around the holidays

Your event partners do not need to be limited to other retail brands. Partnerships with charitable organizations can draw in holiday shoppers who want to spread the Christmas spirit to those in need of a helping hand. Charitable partnerships may also be easier to secure, especially at this busy time of the year.

For more tips on how to optimize your retail brand in time for Christmas, check out our resource center today.