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How to market your shop in an internet-savvy world

How to market your shop in an internet-savvy world

Changes in the U.S. economy have made consumers more aware of prices and many look online to find better deals before heading to the store. This new idea has caused some bumps in the road for in-store marketing, but there are ways to keep customers inclined to come back, The Wall Street Journal reports.

According to the source, in years past, stores would try to reel in more shoppers through flashy displays and special promotions, but this is no longer the case – at least not exclusively.

"No more," Dina Howell, chief executive of Saatchi & Saatchi X, an in-store marketing unit of Publicis Groupe SA, told the publication. "This isn't just about cardboard displays anymore – you need to accommodate the way shoppers behave now, and that means online and in stores."

Howell reports because of this, more retailers are trying to connect with their potential shoppers through blogs, social media outlets and campaigns on the store's individual website. This is also why more shops nowadays request customers' email addresses at the checkout, so they can send them new information.

Stores can get in on the action by marketing certain sales via their website, or by hosting an in-store party. Send out invitations and leave some out near the register to garner attention. On the day of the event, set out your newest merchandise on your display tables and even bring in a stylist to dress up the mannequins in fashion-forward ensembles. Always have hors d'oeuvres and a specialty drink on hand to keep potential buyers in the mood for shopping.