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How to make your store more appealing to the modern customer

How to make your store more appealing to the modern customer

Does your store still only accept cash? Does your website still play MIDI music? If you want to stay on the competitive edge of retail, then you need to make sure your shop is up to date and appealing to modern customers. Here are some ways you can bring your retail space into the 21st century without breaking the bank.

Update your store fixtures
You don’t have to install expensive modern art or purchase high-end technology to make your store look cutting edge. You can create a new, fresh atmosphere simply by switching out the store fixtures. Replace those cracked and battered display cases with brand new ones, or pick up a few trendy display tables to showcase your wares. You can save money by purchasing mannequins for sale. When it comes to retail, the details matter – so look for the little things that need an update.

Get some new and cheap technology
There are many new pieces of technology that can make your store look much more modern, and they’re not all that expensive. Many shops have switched out their old cash registers for tablets like Apple’s iPad, which retails for under $900. Customers will enjoy using this cutting edge technology. In the same vein, you can use a simple cell phone to allow customers to pay using an app on their smart phone. LevelUp is just one of several popular services.

Get into the social media game
It’s time to face the facts – social media is not a passing trend. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have changed the way people think about virtually everything, including retail. These free-to-use services are a great way to let customers know about any new promotions you have going on in-store, so they carry value even if they don’t move product. Uploading pictures of your jewelry racks or gondola shelves to Instagram will allow customers to see what you have in your store, and you’ll likely see a boost in sales as a result.

Let your hair down
Many modern shoppers like to interact with their favorite brands in a casual, personal way. This means stuffy stores that don’t let customers be themselves while browsing the wares are going to be a thing of the past. There’s nothing wrong with professionalism, but anything you’re doing that may make customers feel unwelcome could spell disaster. Always be friendly, welcoming and down-to-earth with customers to make them feel comfortable in your store.