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How to make your retail displays pop for Mother’s Day 2018

How to make your retail displays pop for Mother’s Day 2018


Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and that means retailers can expect to see an influx of shoppers looking for that perfect gift for mom. Make your displays pop this year to attract new shoppers and welcome back returning customers.

Make finding the perfect gift easy

As Mother’s Day approaches, retailers are likely to see an increase in the number of shoppers in a hurry to find a great gift. Busy dads and kids may not know exactly what to get for the moms in their lives, so try to make it as easy as possible to find the right gift.

First and foremost, you’ll need to ensure that shoppers think of your store when they’re out shopping for Mother’s Day gifts. One of the best ways to do that is to craft a window display that clearly showcases your Mother’s Day merchandise. Consider using our expressive mannequins to display some of the season’s new merchandise. You can dress mannequins in clothes that signal the beginning of warm weather, for example.

VendHQ recommended creating a special Mother’s Day section in your store, so shoppers are less likely to give up on their search. Consider using hanging paper decorations to draw attention to this area.

Your customers may not know exactly what to get, so be prepared to answer questions and offer suggestions. Consider training your salespeople to inquire about the types of clothes the shopper’s mother or wife likes to wear. Last-minute shoppers will greatly appreciate this kind of advice.

Plus, you can create extra value for your shoppers by offering custom gift wrapping. The Deco Dreams gift bags, gift wrap and ribbon in the kathy ireland® by Firefly Store Solutions collection are perfect for the occasion.

Use color to draw in shoppers

Color is closely connected to psychology, and it can be an important tool in your visual display repertoire. Consider taking a few cues from popular holiday flowers to dress up your store in vibrant hues.

According to FTD, pink, red and white carnations are among the most popular Mother’s Day flowers. Adding pops of these soft, flowery colors throughout your store can highlight your theme and lead customers to relevant merchandise. Marigold, violet, fuchsia and blush are a few other popular colors to consider. As with other sales, red signage instantly attracts shoppers’ attention, alerting them to a good deal nearby.

Consider point of sale displays

Clothing retailers should consider adding a few POS displays to encourage shoppers to add onto larger purchases. For instance, a display of chocolates near the register might remind customers to include something sweet with their gift.

Partnering with a noncompetitive brand could be another simple way to offer additional value to your customers. For instance, you could partner with a neighboring bakery to offer discounts on Mother’s Day cupcakes. The more value you can offer – and the easier you can make the shopping experience – the more sales opportunities you’ll get.

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