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How to make summer clearance displays appealing

How to make summer clearance displays appealing

When one season turns to another, you often have extra inventory to sell within a certain time frame. Because seasonal clearance has an obvious shelf life, you need to be proactive about bringing customers in who will buy up your leftovers.

Sure, your regular and loyal customers will likely drop in to catch deals on merchandise they’ve already seen, but you can boost your revenue with new consumers too. The best way to guarantee a steady stream of patrons is with an eye-catching and enticing summer clearance window display.

When you’re thinking about which of your products should be hung on display fixtures, consider what is most likely to turn heads as people walk by the window. Be sure to include elements of color without going too bright or too bold. If you try to fill the space with loud items, it can overwhelm customers or feel abrasive.

To make a very simple clearance display, choose four of your products that are on sale and use them like a banner by writing one letter on each item. For example, use different colored shirts and hang a sign around each collar that collectively spells out “sale.” You can really take this idea and run with it, trying out different banner words on a variety of products.

Because it’s the end of summer, think of displays that convey the upcoming changes. Instead of showing a group of mannequins at a beach party, get creative with the placement to make the scene look like the festivities are ending. Position your store fixtures in a way that looks like they are packing up the towels, umbrellas and beach toys.

Another potential idea for a seasonal yet transitional display involves flip flops and construction paper. Set the shoes up facing away from the window, as if they are walking away. Using the same shade of paper, make smaller flip flops that you can tape to the floor to look like the steps are shrinking in the distance.